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Writing, etc., if you find the act in violation of the Terms of Use and guidelines, please report from the following form to the administrator.
Administrators on the investigation, or a warning to the person, it may take measures such as to refuse the use of the service (This is only to display the page does not report).

Please use in such cases.

- Public order contrary to act
- Others act that upset
- Profit, solicitation
- Telephone number, address, personally identifiable, such as e-mail address content

- Please write as much detail as possible (in the case report the reason is unknown correspondence is not possible)
- Please do not report the same content many times.


※ Your report will not be known to the other party .
※ Please note that the corresponding result of the administrator is not your report towards the whistleblowers.
※ The trouble between individuals not involved . We hope the resolution of between the parties.
Also, please note that does not guarantee a response of your desired.